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Raheja Associates provide a proactive and pragmatic approach to help you achieve all of your commercial and residential property objectives. We have a wealth of experience in dealing successfully with all types of commercial and residential property matters, offering positive advice with speed and efficiency. Our team collaborates together to create the best solutions possible for our client’s needs.

  • To buy, sell, and rent residential and commercial properties
  • Advise clients on prices, mortgages, market conditions, and related information
  • Compare properties to determine a competitive market price
  • Generate lists of properties for sale, including details such as location and features
  • Promote properties through advertisements, and listing services
  • Take prospective buyers or renters to see properties
  • Present purchase offers to sellers for consideration
  • Mediate negotiations between buyer and seller

Whatever your needs are, we are flexible to help and work around you. We focus on the needs of our clients and we help all our clients realize their goals. Our team will handle the full process of buying, selling and leasing commercial/residential property .

Buying / Selling / Leasing commercial

Raheja Associates consists of a group of professionals, who recognise the need for an impartial property search facility across all sectors of Commercial Property. Our experienced and dedicated team will help you find the most suitable solution for your business.

We have vast experience in dealing with a variety of different commercial property transactions, whether it is an office building, a Showroom, a factory, a warehouse, a farm, or even land ready for a business development.

Our property specialists are completely in-tune with the complexities and nuances of today’s commercial property market, and our clients have always found our advice and support invaluable when navigating the risky world of Buying / Selling / Leasing Commercial property.

If you are buying commercial property, we will ensure that the seller has a good title to pass onto you, negotiate and obtain the best contractual terms available for you.

If you are buying, selling or leasing commercial property, your main concern will be the smooth completion of the transaction to meet your requirements, within a timescale which suits you. Working with our specialists and our Associates, they ensure that we provide a comprehensive, proactive service which is delivered to suit your individual requirements.

Buying / Selling / Leasing Residential

Have you been thinking about buying, selling, or leasing residence? Maybe you’re not 100% clear on the steps involved, how to time it correctly, what to do first, or even what questions to ask? Raheja residential conveyance team deals with all aspects of buying selling and leasing of residential properties. We get to know you and your unique needs.

Whether you are buying or selling or leasing your own home or an investment property, the process can be stressful. You need expertise you can rely on, and to work with someone who can handle your transaction quickly and efficiently. We pride ourselves on building lasting relationships with our clients. We have a wide range of experience, working on different types of property and transactions.

We’re on your side and by your side throughout the entire residential sale or purchase process. Our team is experienced in smoothing the often unpredictable process of home-buying and sales by gathering information thoughtfully and attending to details thoroughly.

We offer a service designed to minimize problems wherever possible and to keep you informed at every important stage. We can help you with all aspects of buying / selling / Leasing residential property, including owner-occupied, investment and buy-to-let.